Greenville Water Works and Sewer Board serves the city of Greenville, Alabama.

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First 2,000 gallons
Next 48,000 gallons
Over 50,000 gallons

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$16.10 minimum
$7.22 per thousand gallons
$5.90 per thousand gallons

2017 Water & Sewer Rates

Effective 10/1/2016

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Lead and Copper Sampling Plan


First 2,000 gallons
Over 2,000 gallons

$21.84 minimum
$3.87 per thousand gallons

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2019 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)

2018 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)

2017 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)

2016 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)

2015 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)

2014 CCR - Click here to download/open (PDF)